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 mineral deficiency, coral calcium is very absorbable


     The following are the unbiased true facts about coral calcium. We do not favor one type over the other. For those who have a preference of which type they want, we sell both types (land fossilized or marine.) We encourage you to do your own research, visit other sites to compare prices & products, and draw your own conclusions as to which product you prefer. We believe "The informed customer is the best customer". The fact is that either type will provide benefits for the user.

     There is a confusing array of coral calcium products on the market with widely ranging prices and claims. Naturally, every company tries to position their brand as the premium form of coral. Claims include "most absorbable on the market", "clinical grade", "fossilized", "marine", "sango", "ionized", "Robert Barefoot formula", and so on.

  Robert Barefoot Formula
    Several companies, each with a different formula, either have Barefoot's name on their formula or advertise that they represent him in one way or another. (Some do, some don't.) Over the years Mr. Barefoot has represented a number of companies and each brand or type he represents at the time is "the best form of coral calcium". "Fossilized" is best, "Marine" is best, claims will come and go. Coral Calcium works with or without Barefoot's name on it. Any formula containing some Vitamin D and a few other goodies is a bonus.
  Fossilized (Land) Coral versus Marine Coral
    There are two sources of Okinawan Coral. Fossilized (Land), which is mined above sea level, and Marine, which is vacuumed from the ocean bottom near the reefs. Which is best? Laboratory analysis and comparison of certified certificate of analysis of the two kinds shows each type has similar quantities of each of the 74 minerals. Fossilized tends to have a little higher percentage of calcium, about 30% to 38%, and the Marine type has about 20% to 24% calcium. Marine has a higher percentage of Magnesium, about 10% to 12%, and the Fossilized type has about 1% Magnesium. Most of the better companies will state the exact amount on their label.
     The fossilized suppliers claim that theirs is in aragonite form, which is more soluble than the marine variety which is heat treated to 1000 degrees and becomes a calcite form of crystal. This is true and has been verified in laboratory testing.
    The marine suppliers say theirs is advantageous due to a natural 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. Tests indicate that magnesium has likely been added to accomplish this ratio, which is fine, and does not dilute the calcium or other minerals as some claim. Most of the fossilized (land) brands have magnesium added also, but the fossilized companies are up front about it and show it on their label.
  Okinawan Coral
    Caution: Not all Coral Calcium products on the market are from Okinawa Japan (some are from the Caribbean and South America). The difference is that Coral Calcium from Okinawa has undergone years of clinical testing.
  Sango Coral
    Some say Sango is the best; actually Sango Coral calcium supplements are simply a local Okinawan reference to coral in general, so then all Okinawan coral is Sango.
  Ionized Coral
    All Okinawan coral is ionized. The important thing is that this ionization makes it far more usable for humans to absorb, compared to regular calcium supplements.
     This ionic elemental calcium, either liquid or solid, has to be digested and absorbed. Hydrochloric acid breaks the calcium down into molecules. Then electrons from magnesium are added to the calcium. There has to be enough vitamin D in your body to transport the ionic calcium into the surrounding cells. If you do not have enough vitamin D, the calcium can not be absorbed.
     Elemental calcium, as opposed to ionic calcium, is more difficult to digest and absorb. Calcium supplements such as caltrate, oyster shell and other calcium pills are elemental calcium, called non-ionized calcium; as are limestone rock or chalk. However, ionic Coral Calcium is 95% bio-absorbable.
  Clinical Grade
    Some claim to have "clinical grade", but no explanation is offered as to how this is different from any other. Coral is a whole food source of calcium and minerals and there is no standard rating system, including "clinical grade".
  Physician Formulated
    The formulas on the market are very simple formulations, based on Dr. Carl Reich's work from 1950 to 1992, where he combined Calcium including minerals, Magnesium and Vitamin D to work miracles in patients. A physician's involvement is arguably overkill.
    Although super qualities have been attributed to these microbes, it is not believed microbes exist in commercially available coral, if at all. No evidence (microscope picture or identifying names) is available. Marine type is heat treated to 1000 degrees and fossilized type is ozonated. Both processes will kill any living microbe. The coral works, but not because of microbes.

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