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A Healing Balm For Aches & Pains
     Relief is now at the touch of your fingertips. Apply to pain only where you need it. Natural remedies are a safe and gentle way to keep the effects of injury, illness, or age from interfering with your well-being. Order a jar of this organic salve and see for yourself. All purchases are backed by a manufacturer's money back guarantee.
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     Miss Patty's Herbal Pain Remedy was formulated to relieve a painful bunion ( foot pain in the joint at the base of the big toe ). The pain was so bad that I sought out the possibility of surgical relief. Not being satisfied with the expected outcome of having the operation, and being a Certified Herbalist myself, I turned to my training in alternative medicine. Although I couldn't do anything about the shape of the protrusion, I could try to relieve the pain. A salve, also known as a balm, was one of the natural remedies I found that could be applied directly to my foot in hopes of getting relief for the painful joint.

     After researching appropriate ingredients, an organic salve / balm was created and applied to the bunion. The remaining balm was rubbed into my finger joints which were slightly achy, to use up the excess. It was discovered that the Herbal Pain Remedy provided relief to the bunion on my foot, and also relieved the joint pain and stiffness in my fingers!

     Next the balm / salve was offered to a carpal tunnel sufferer with a history of nerve pain. The Herbal Pain Remedy relieved the irritated nerve in the wrist!

     Another situation arose when a friend needed relief from a bruise that she got while on vacation. Miss Patty's Herbal Pain Remedy was on hand, and it relieved the swelling and tenderness immediately.

     Over time, this Herbal Pain Remedy has been tried and proven to relieve all sorts of pain whether it affects skin, muscle, joint, nerve, and / or connective tissue. Originally called Miss Patty's Bunion Pain Remedy, the name was changed to Miss Patty's Herbal Pain Remedy. I hope to interest anyone using over-the-counter pain remedies or pharmaceutical pain relievers to try this all-natural alternative, and to experience the benefits of herbal medicine.

     Whether you are experiencing symptoms of arthritis or rheumatism with painful joints; sciatica, carpal tunnel or other sites of nerve pain; foot pain or joint pain including bunions; or just ordinary, everyday bruising with inflammation - Miss Patty's Herbal Pain Remedy may be applied for deep and long-lasting relief.

             pain, itching, inflammation, scrapes, burns, bruises, arthritis, carpal tunnel, bunions, back pain, neck pain, swelling, tired feet, sore muscles, massage, achy joints,             
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             nerve pain, shingles, irritated skin, knee pain, foot pain, insect stings, wound healing, increasing circulation to an area, safe for use on pets - non-toxic!             


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