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Should I See A Doctor
or Pick Up an Over-the-Counter Treatment?
     If you have ever had a yeast infection before, you are probably comfortable with going to the store and buying an over-the-counter remedy to treat it. But you may buy the treatment and end up having to call the doctor for an appointment after using the remedy without any relief, and wish you had not wasted time and money. There is a pH screening kit available in stores that can help determine whether the symptoms are in fact signs of a yeast infection, or whether another type of infection may be present that will require different treatment. Buying the treatment when irritating symptoms arise rather than the screening kit may work out alright, but when it doesn't work, the extra days of discomfort are not worth the risk.

     Vaginal pH test kits are now widely available in the form of a little piece of ph test paper affixed to a plastic wand. Check the outside of the box at the store - it shows the same pH color chart and range that we offer. You can get 2 test wands for around $20.00. Or you can simply purchase a whole roll of pH test paper, in the correct range, and get many tests for less than half the price. You can also use this same roll of pH test paper to test your saliva's pH. Saliva pH can be an indicator of overall health status, and test results that read on the wrong end of the pH color chart may signal a condition in the body that can lead to or reflect a degenerative disease process.
  How to Perform the Women's pH Test
    First, you must wash and dry your hands. Certain substances can alter the test results if they come into contact with the ph test paper. Collect some vaginal secretion and apply to the ph test paper. The "wand" in the store bought kit is useful, but you will save a lot of money by buying a 15' roll of ph paper and using another application method.

    Compare the color change of the ph test paper to the color chart included with your order. Avoid fluorescent lighting for reading the test results. A "normal" reading is 3.5 to 4.5 which is at the yellow end of the range indicator which is slightly acidic. Any color toward the purple end of the color range is moving away from the normal slightly acidic state.

    The word "normal" is in quotes because a pH reading of 4.5 or less, which matches the yellow color block, could also occur if you have a yeast infection. This test, like the screening kits available from the store, can only give you a clue as to whether you may have a yeast infection versus a bacterial infection, because a vaginal yeast infection does not raise the pH, but a bacterial infection does. So you can have a "normal" 4.5 yellow result and still have a yeast infection, but if there is a bacterial infection, the pH will move toward the purple (more alkaline) end of the spectrum.

    If you are experiencing symptoms, you are already not suspecting "normal". You can self-medicate a vaginal yeast infection if there are symptoms and the pH reads 4.5 (unless it is the first time you have had one, in that case a doctor visit is recommended). But if the test indicates a raised (alkaline) pH level and discomfort or symptoms are present, you don't have to waste money on medicine to cure a suspected yeast infection any more. And you won't waste time treating the problem with the wrong medicine before ending up calling the doctor anyway. Raised pH means call the doctor now.

(*Blood, semen or hormone cream could throw off the pH reading. Cervical mucus i.e. ovulation, peri-menopause, menopause, pregnancy, lactating or other causes of altered hormone levels could also raise the pH.)
  Where to Get Women's pH Test Paper
    We offer discounted prices on ph paper in the range for testing vaginal pH. You can also use this same ph paper to check your saliva pH. When checking the saliva pH, the opposite result is desirable - a reading in the blue range reflects a healthy pH for the saliva, which in turn suggests a healthy state of the pH of the blood. For saliva testing, the ph paper can be used by both men and women. Purchase a roll of our pH test paper and compare your results to the color chart included with your ph paper order, knowing what you now know about which color means what.
15 foot roll dispenser of pH litmus paper Five 15 foot refill rolls of pH litmus paper
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