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Miss Patty's Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology specialists stress the importance of happy feet.

There are 7000 nerves and 26 bones in the feet! The bottom of the feet can be seen as maps to the rest of the body according to foot reflexology.

According to Reflexologists, massaging the soles of the feet in a certain area can have a beneficial effect on the corresponding part of the body. Acupuncture works similarly, taking advantage of connections (meridians) throughout the body. One point on the body will have an effect on another area, including the internal organs. Chiropractic spinal nerve charts also depict correlations between the spinal nerves and the rest of the body. Charts differ somewhat but it has been found that all of these charts seem to work for the Reflexologist who uses them.

These modalities employ techniques that help clear blockages in the flow of energy throughout the body. This brings the body into balance and relieves overall stress and anxiety. More information on how foot reflexology works can be found here.

Miss Patty's Herbal Pain Remedy foot reflexology chart

Have you ever heard that if you rub a fresh clove of garlic on the bottom of your foot, you will taste it within minutes?

Energetic pathways swiftly transmit the properties of the garlic herb to the rest of the body. In the same way, Miss Patty’s Herbal Pain Remedy can be used intentionally to introduce the properties of an analgesic / pain reliever (St. John’s Wort Oil) to specific sites throughout your system. Besides making for a great foot rub in general, (happy feet!) the herbal properties of the salve stimulate the circulation (Essential Oil of Rosemary) – locally and energetically. Increased blood flow reduces inflammation, as excess water and toxins are absorbed into the capillaries. Then they are whisked away by the circulating blood, and fresh blood brings healing.

Having someone else massage your feet for you also gives you the added benefit of some Vitamin L – love!

Miss Patty's Herbal Pain Remedy

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