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Miss Patty’s Herbal Pain Remedy – A healing balm for natural pain relief

Relief is now at the touch of your fingertips. Apply to pain only where you need it.

Natural remedies are a safe and gentle way to keep the effects of injury, illness, or age from interfering with your well-being.

Over time, this organic herbal pain remedy has been tried and proven to relieve all sorts of pain whether it affects skin, muscle, joint, nerve, and/or connective tissue.

Whether you are experiencing symptoms of arthritis or rheumatism with painful joints; sciatica, carpal tunnel or other sites of nerve pain; foot pain or joint pain including bunions; or just ordinary, everyday bruising with inflammation – Miss Patty’s Herbal Pain Remedy may be applied for deep and long-lasting relief.

St John's Wort healing oil - Ingredient in Herbal Pain Remedy
Ingredient in Herbal Pain Remedy - Olive Oil
Ingredient in Herbal Pain Remedy - Rosemary Health Benefits

Miss Patty's Herbal Pain Remedy

One balm - many uses!

Miss Patty's Herbal Pain Remedy 1/2 oz and 2 oz jars

Soothes Jumpy Nerves

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Miss Patty's Herbal Pain Remedy and Other Natural Pain Relief


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About Miss Patty

Certified Herbalist

Creator of Miss Patty's Herbal Pain Remedy

Hi! I’m Miss Patty : )

I started investigating natural health by studying the science of Nutrition at Florida State University in 1983, and have been studying  herbal medicine since 1994. Completing a comprehensive course on herbs at The Herb Corner in Melbourne, FL, I earned a Certificate in Herbal Studies in 2001 from Kathleen Gould, a member of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG).

Currently, I am studying at Michael and Lesley Tierra’s East West School of Planetary Herbology to enhance my diagnostic skills and earn another certification as a graduate of the Professional Herbalist Course.  Michael and Lesley Tierra were founding members of the AHG! Studying herbs with members of the AHG is such a privilege, as these herbalists have completed extensive requirements for membership.

My sincere hope is to interest anyone using over-the-counter pain remedies or pharmaceutical pain relievers to try these all-natural alternatives, and to experience the benefits of herbal medicine.

Best of Health,

Miss Patty

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Miss Patty's

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